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Drs. Rob and Laura Leach

Whether you seek answers to a question or hope to better yourself in some way, we are here to help. As clinical psychologists, we will meet you where you are and use our experience and evidence-based care to help you make the most of your life. Learn more about our philosophy of care.

Rob Leach, PsyD, MBA – Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Rob Leach is dedicated to helping individuals and couples find healthy and effective ways to feel better and reach their potential. He has a warm and engaging style that invites self-reflection and discussion. He uses a collaborative approach with the aim of turning difficult life situations into opportunities for personal growth. He provides dependable support and guidance as you find positive ways to respond to life’s challenges – whether that happens to be relationship problems, family issues, work-related concerns, academic pressures, or other life stressors.

Dr. Leach can help you address self-defeating behaviors or recurring feelings of worry, irritability, or stress. He can also help you identify personally meaningful goals and find practical ways to make positive changes. In addition, he works with couples to better understand their negative patterns and find healthy ways to renew connection.

Dr. Leach brings a breadth of education, training, and experience to his role as a psychologist. After graduating from Colorado College with a degree in philosophy, he completed the MBA program at the University of Colorado and began his career in the financial services industry. Motivated by a desire to help people find greater fulfillment, Dr. Leach became increasingly interested in the mental health profession. He enrolled in the master’s program in psychology at Boston University and quickly found his calling. He earned his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of Denver and has been working in private practice ever since. See credentials and professional activities.


New clients: Schedule a 15-minute telephone consultation with Rob or call 303-473-0707

Laura D. Leach, PhD – Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Laura Leach specializes in psychological assessment of adults and adolescents with a particular focus on forensic assessment. She also provides neuropsychological assessment.

Laura conducts forensic evaluations in both criminal and civil cases and has served as an expert witness in forensic cases involving capacity to stand trial, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, brain injury, substance abuse, and mental state at the time of the offense, among others.  Her work in neuropsychological assessment involves the evaluation of adults, older adults, and adolescents with a variety of conditions, including dementia, traumatic brain injury, stroke, learning disorders, multiple sclerosis and other medical conditions that affect brain functioning.

She is committed to providing a supportive and safe environment that promotes clarification and understanding, encourages personal growth and development, and furthers the overall health and well being of her clients.

Dr. Laura Leach is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Colorado. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Alliant University-Los Angeles and completed her internship in professional psychology at the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.


New clients: Receive a 15-minute telephone consultation with Laura by calling 303-473-0707

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