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Forensic Psychology Services

Forensic Psychology Services

Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for individuals involved in legal proceedings.

The need to identify psychological and cognitive problems can intersect with legal proceedings. Our forensic psychology services provide assistance with case conceptualization, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Our forensic psychology services are designed to help attorneys, caseworkers, and probation officers better understand their client’s psychological and cognitive functioning.

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Assessment of Cognitive, Emotional & Behavioral Problems

The nature of certain types cognitive and psychological problems can make it difficult for those experiencing disruptive changes to accurately perceive their behavior in relation to their problems. For example, diminished insight can be a symptom of certain types of dementia, brain injury, and mental health conditions. When this is the case, the person who needs help might not be fully aware of the problematic behavior that is apparent to others.

These types of situations can be confusing and stressful for everyone. Our forensic psychology services can help gain insight into the problems and learn about appropriate treatment options.

Serving Metro Denver & Colorado’s Front Range

We have provided mental health evaluations throughout the Front Range, including Boulder, Broomfield, Adams, Denver, Araphoe, Douglas, Weld, and other counties.

Our Forensic Clients Include:

Our Forensic Psychology Services

The purpose of our forensic psychology evaluations is to assess psychological and cognitive functioning of individuals involved in legal and other administrative proceedings. In addition to providing an interview and testing, we typically review relevant records and conduct collateral interviews. Depending on the findings, we may identify and diagnosis a mental health disorder and provide recommendation for treatment planning. We also try to address the particular concerns or issues that were provided to us by the requesting party (e.g., attorney, case worker, probation officer, etc.)

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Use of Our Evaluations:
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