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Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation

Neuropsychology Services – Cognitive Testing & Evaluations

Our neuropsychology services provides useful information about a person’s cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioral functioning. We provide comprehensive evaluations and carefully consider how a person’s thinking, emotions, and personality traits might be affecting his/her attitudes, behaviors, and choices. We strive to foster a compassionate and insightful understanding of the key issues and determine realistic and effective treatment options. Our written reports are suitable for use in various professional settings (e.g., mental health, medical, employment, academic, and legal).

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Reasons for Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships. As such, neuropsychological assessments evaluate different aspects cognitive functioning, such as learning and memory, attention and concentration, and problem solving and reasoning.

There are many reasons people are referred for neuropsychological testing: assessing current cognitive ability, determining a diagnosis, identifying suitable treatment options, assisting treating providers and other professionals, tracking progress and changes, etc.



In our evaluations, we strive to clarify diagnostic considerations, assess functional ability, and determine useful treatment recommendations. We provide you with informative feedback and remain available to serve as a resource and source of support.

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Common Referrals to Neuropsychology:

How Neuropsychological Testing Works

Neuropsychological assessment involves the use of cognitive and psychological tests. The cognitive tests measure specific aspects of brain functioning, such as attention, memory, and executive functioning. The tests that we use have been extensively researched and have demonstrated that they are valid and reliable tools.

The assessment process usually entails meeting for a clinical interview followed by the administration of a test battery, which might include face-to-face, paper-and-pencil, and/or computer-based tests. We might also ask to review relevant records or request to speak with people who can provide additional information. After reviewing all data, a comprehensive report is written, and a feedback session is provided to the client.

Our neuropsychology services are designed to increase your understanding of cognitive and psychological problems and make appropriate recommendations. The assessment findings are used to answer questions, address areas of concern, and assist with diagnosis and treatment planning.

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