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Psychological Testing and Assessment

Mental health tests provide a way to answer difficult questions about a person’s behavior, mood, or thought process. This type of assessment is often sought in circumstances where there is a recurring problem or a concern about the person’s overall well-being.

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The results of a psychology assessment can be used to:

Gain insight and assistance with treatment planning

Most people who request psychological testing are experiencing significant and recurring problems in some area of their life. There is usually a concern that mental health issues are contributing to the situation. Yet, the root of the problem is not particularly well understood. Hence, it is difficult to gauge what to do and how to help.

Certain types of mental health conditions, when left untreated, can contribute to problems in living. For example, manic episodes associated with bipolar can involve poor judgment and impulsive decisions. Untreated schizophrenia can lead to faulty thinking that interferes with relationships and work. Experiencing trauma (abuse, neglect, assault, combat) can make it hard to trust others and feel safe in the world and increases the risk for PTSD, substance abuse, and social isolation.

Psychological testing assesses personality and patterns of behavior with the goal of increasing insight and developing treatment plans, as needed.

If you experience recurring emotional or behavioral problems, completing psychological testing and assessment can help you gain insight and learn about suitable treatment options.

Psychology & Mental Health Assessment

Psychological testing assesses personality traits and emotional states. The tests and measures that we use have been extensively researched and have demonstrated that they are valid and reliable tools.The assessment findings are used to answer questions, address areas of concern, and assist with diagnosis and treatment planning.

The assessment process usually entails meeting for a clinical interview followed by the administration of a test battery, which might include face-to-face, paper-and-pencil, and/or computer-based tests. We might also ask to review relevant records or request to speak with people who can provide additional information. After reviewing all data, a comprehensive report is written, and a feedback session is provided to the client.

The main purpose of psychological testing and evaluation is to increase insight and understanding and make appropriate recommendations as needed.

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