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Couples Counseling Methods

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Our Approach: Tailoring Evidence-Based Couples Counseling Methods to Your Unique Relationship

At Mile High Psychology, we strive to provide couples with a counseling experience that addresses the unique needs and goals of their relationship. Our approach recognizes and appreciates the individual dynamics, aspirations, and challenges that arise within each partnership. We strive to incorporate a range of methods and techniques to address the specific issues and dynamics present in your relationship. Explore some of the couple counseling methods we utilze

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT for Couples) is a research-backed method that has shown significant improvements in relationship satisfaction and success. Grounded in the understanding that secure emotional connections are essential for a fulfilling and meaningful relationship, EFT provides a process-oriented framework to address various relationship challenges and facilitate positive change.

We integrate principles and techniques from EFT to help couples enhance communication and navigate specific conflicts and unresolved issues. EFT can be particularly effective in identifying negative patterns of interaction that undermine intimacy and closeness. By drawing upon the EFT model, we offer support as you navigate emotions and engage in meaningful conversations.

The EFT approach is designed to help couples overcome counterproductive patterns and discover new ways of interacting that promote mutual understanding and closeness.

The Gottman Method for Couples

Developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman over the past four decades, the Gottman Method is a well-known and evidence-based approach to couples therapy. This method provides a structured framework for couples work, with an emphasis on enhancing communication and managing conflict in a constructive manner. The Gottman Method asserts that most relationships involve some degree of conflict, and it emphasizes the importance of effectively managing conflict as a crucial relationship skill. This approach also offers practical guidance on avoiding behaviors that tend to strain relationships, such as criticism and defensiveness.

We incorporate elements of the Gottman Method, oftentimes for couples seeking to develop practical skills and strategies to improve their relationship. Drawing upon the Gottman Method, we help you practice communication techniques to improve dialogue, learn ways to foster empathy, and enhance your understanding of each other’s needs, emotions, and perspectives. Our aim is to assist couples in managing conflict, increasing positive interactions, and nurturing love and affection within their relationship.

Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy

Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT) is an evidence-based approach that integrates principles and techniques from various therapeutic modalities. It focuses on improving relationship satisfaction by targeting thoughts and behaviors that contribute to relationship distress. IBCT provides a method for identifying and working through dysfunctional cycles of interaction, helping couples navigate when to employ acceptance strategies and when to pursue positive change. Furthermore, this method recognizes the impact of external circumstances on relationship dynamics, acknowledging that even healthy relationships can be negatively affected by situational stress.

We incorporate aspects of IBCT to facilitate open and meaningful discussions about significant relationship experiences that have caused distress. Through this approach, we work with both of you to enhance your communication skills and cultivate a deeper appreciation of each other’s perspective.

Moreover, for couples facing significant situational stress, we can assist you in identifying how external factors negatively affect your relationship dynamic. With this approach, our goal is to help you develop effective strategies to navigate stressors, strengthen your bond, and build a more resilient relationship.

Start your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling relationship

At Mile High Psychology, our couples counseling services are aimed at improving communication, managing conflict constructively, deepening understanding, and strengthening connection.

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