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Couples Counseling Denver

Couples Counseling with Dr. Rob Leach.

Couples counseling helps couples find healthy and effective ways to increase happiness and intimacy in their committed relationships. Sharing an authentic connection with your partner is one of the deepest joys a person can experience. We are here to help you make the most of that journey.

Marriage Counseling

Married couples can encounter unforeseen hardships and confront challenging issues. Marriage counseling in Denver provides a therapeutic environment in which to address relationship issues and find ways increase marital satisfaction.

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Pre marital Counseling

Some couples that plan to marry seek premarital counseling in Denver as a way to help them prepare for their lifelong commitment to each other.

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Relationship Counseling

Life partners and committed partners of all types can encounter relationship problems. Recurring problems in an intimate relationship can be a source of nagging frustration and mental preoccupation that diminishes quality of life.  Relationship  therapist in Denver can help partners reconnect.

Other Types of Couples Therapy

Sometimes couples who are separated or divorced decide to pursue couples counseling as way to improve the communication and collaboration, especially when children are involved.

Benefits of Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can help couples find ways to achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their relationship. What this looks like varies from couple to couple. For many couples, improving communication is a primary goal. In some cases, it is about restoring trust and confidence in the marriage or partnership. Other times, it is about finding new ways to relax, enjoy, and have fun together. Sometimes it is about reenergizing the relationship, whether that involves having a more satisfying sex life, engaging in a broader range of conversation, or going on more weekend adventures. Likewise, getting on same page about money, parenting, or the division of labor can make a big difference.

Potential benefits of couples counseling include:

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Most Couples Encounter Relationships Problems

Long-term, committed relationships invariably encounter difficulty from time to time. Much of the time, the combination of a thoughtful conversation and renewed effort is all that is needed to get the relationship back on track. At other times, relationship problems persist and intensify despite our best efforts. During these difficult times, seeking professional help can make a difference.

Couples Counseling Can Help:

How We Can Help

Couples work centers around engaging in candid and whole-hearted dialogue about relationship issues. Because of the strong emotional bonds between partners in a committed relationship, these types of conversations can be difficult. We can help.

We make use of a structured approach to couples therapy known as Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples or simply “EFT.” EFT is a research-based and process-oriented psychotherapy that originated in the 1980s. EFT for couples begins with a thorough discussion and assessment of current relationships issues. From there, the couple and the therapist work together to identify and understand negative patterns of interaction that exist in a relationship. As the couple engages further in the therapeutic process, they deepen their understanding of each other and begin to find new solutions to old problems.

As therapists, we use our knowledge and experience to:

In couples counseling, it is important that each partner feels safe and supported. There is no pressure or expectation from us to commence with couples counseling. We want each of you to make an informed decision and feel good about any decision to work with us. Similarly, we want to get to know you both and feel confident that we can help you address your relationship concerns.

Our initial consultation process is designed to help you gauge whether we are a good fit for you. The first session or two involve discussing your reasons for seeking couples counseling and gaining an in-depth understanding of current relationship issues. It is usually helpful for the therapist to meet with each partner individually to learn about his or her family of origin, relationship history, and other issues that might affect the relationship. After meeting together three or four times, we can decide whether to proceed further with couples counseling in Denver.

When we work with couples, we treat the relationship as our client. We align ourselves with both partners, equally, and join them on a shared collaboration that is focused on improving their marriage or partnership.

We do not diagnosis or provide treatment for individual mental health issues as part of couples counseling. If we think individual therapy might be helpful for one or both partners, we will let you know.

We do not provide both couples counseling and individual therapy for the same individuals. In situations where both individual therapy and couples counseling might be beneficial, we will assist you with the referral to therapists that are not affiliated with our practice. In these cases, we will continue in our original role as either your couples counselor or individual therapist.

Couples Counseling Versus Individual Therapy

Both couples counseling and individual therapy can offer potential benefit to a committed relationship:

Couples counseling tends to work best when both partners are motivated to put forth effort to making positive changes in the relationship. Effective couples therapy involves engaging in open, wholehearted dialogue in session and working on relationship issues between appointments. When relationship problems seem to be the core issue and both partners are willing participate in therapy, couples counseling is probably the way to begin.

Individual therapy can help a relationship when one partner is willing to do some personal work that is likely to have a positive effect. For example, one partner might seek individual therapy to address personal issues or problematic behaviors that are negatively affecting his or his committed relationship. Alternatively, individual therapy can assist with stress management during difficult moments in a relationship. The focus of individual therapy is to help the individual identify and find solutions to his or her problems.

In some cases, it is a combination of individual therapy and couples counseling that leads to positive changes in a relationship. If you are not sure about how to proceed with your relationship issues, we will try to help you sort this out.

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