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Marriage Counseling Denver

Marriage counseling helps lifelong partners find new solutions to old problems. Sharing a life together in a committed relationship is one of life’s greatest undertakings, joys, and accomplishments. Learning to work through relationship problems is part of an enduring, loving marriage.

While married couples often find ways to resolve their difference on their own, there can be times when mutual effort is not enough to resolve persistent relationship problems. When marital distress and dissatisfaction endures, frustration and and hurt can intensify, and negative patterns of interaction can become more frequent. When this happens, looking into marriage counseling can be a good choice.

Marriage therapist in Denver provides a safe, structured, and supportive environment in which partners can discuss relationship issues and discover new and healthy ways to reconcile differences, rebuild trust, or reinvigorate their connection. We are there to assist each partner, equally, on a collaborative journey aimed at improving the relationship for both partners. We help facilitate thoughtful conversations about relationship issues and share our observations, insights, and suggestions along the way.

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Marital Problems

There are few things in life that can be as disheartening, upsetting, or frustrating as a committed relationship under strain. Marital problems and relationship issues can feel intractable, overwhelming, or hopeless. They can be a source of preoccupation that interferes with our ability to enjoy the rest of life.

Marital problems can take many forms. Some couples experience frequent arguments that lead to feelings of distress. Other couples quietly grow apart and become increasingly disengaged. In some cases, situational stressors or major life changes result in relationship problems. Regardless of the particular dynamic or circumstances, couples under strain tend to experience a sense of emotional separation and a loss of meaningful connection.

Reasons couples seek marriage counseling:

Restoring Connection and Understanding

Marriage counseling can help to increase understanding, shift patterns of interaction in positive ways, and restore a sense of connection. We help couples with the difficult but worthwhile work that is often needed to heal or rekindle marital relations.

We use a structured approach to marriage counseling called Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples or simply “EFT.” EFT is a research-based and process-oriented therapy that originated in the 1980s. Broadly speaking, EFT is designed to help couples identify their negative patterns of interaction, foster understanding and connection through candid and heartfelt dialogue, and improve the relationship experience for both partners.

Marriage counseling provides a facilitated process that is designed to improve the relationship experience for both partners. If you and your partner have been struggling to regain harmony in your marriage, couples counseling might be a good option.

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